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  • This is an easy Midterm. Kayang kaya eto mga kapatid!
  • This is a take home, take out, take it away, to-go exam. Open notes & open everything. Go Open source!
  • This is an individual exam. Cheating = 0 Zero ZILCH NADA. Cheating aka copying classmates source codes and modifying every variable to make sure you won't get caught. Of course, I always trust you will do the right thing.
  • FTP your exam at {yourname}.site90.com/midterm. No need to blog about this. Make sure the URL is correct as I cannot guess it nor am I psychic psychotic. Now don't go looking at my playground for answers.
  • This will be a one-page JQuery javascript framework (no sub-pages and no other javascript libraries).
  • Checking will be done on Thursday, October 23 during class time (approx 2 minutes per student)
  • Total of 100 Points.


20 POINTS- CSS Positioning Layout (aka tableless layouts) You may use your own templates if you did this already. Refer to the Website wireframe below. Made with Balsamiq Mockups.yheeey!



  1. Must be aesthetically pleasing (in Plain English: MAGANDA)
  2. Complete with a header & footer area
  3. CSS Menu for links


25 POINTS- Create slideshow galleries using the JQuery Cycle plugin http://www.malsup.com/jquery/cycle/int.html together with the Easing Plugin (described on the link)



  1. Three (3) Photo Gallery sets with at least 5 photos each.
  2. Use different effects for each photoset.


25 POINTS- each photo when clicked will show a bigger photo using FancyBox http://fancy.klade.lv/.


10 POINTS- while the FancyBox is shown links to next & previous photos (and close) work.


10 POINTS- Notice the (?) on the upper right hand? Create an About ME pop up or slider effect with information about you & links to other websites. (Use any technique. Just Google it.)


10 POINTS- Create a Blogroll. Links to your blog & online life & friends & teachers & other subjects.



30 POINTS- Integrate FlickrRSS or any other photostream. This will "automagically" update the photosets if you upload new images.


20 POINTS- Integrate Google Maps to your page with approximate coordinates to your house.


30 POINTS- Commenting system (whether javascript driven and/or PHP)


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