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Study hard! Your Finals exam will magically appear here :)



Faculty Subject Section Type of Exam Time Lab
Quitoriano, David IS-EBIZ O0A Hands-On Dec 16 0100-0300 CL6
IS-EBIZ O0B Hands-On Dec 16 0330-0530



Final Exam (submission will be on Dec 16, Tuesday)

We will use the time slot to check your finals & give the final grade. No more extensions.


C'mon winners! Make your momma proud!


1. Fancy name generator (10 points)

Create a form to enter a name. Then create a PHP to display the name in different colors on the browser (using CSS).


Place it at yourname.site90.com/fancyname/index.php


2. Create your lifestream using Yahoo! Pipes (10 points)

Create your lifestream using Yahoo! Pipes. Minimum of 5 social media accounts and blogs.

Embed in your wordpress folio (referto item #7 below).


3. Install a favicon (10 points)


4. Post a screencap of 1 Paypal Sale Transaction in your PayPal account (10 points)

Post a screenshot of 1 Paypal sale transaction for all the world to see. That means you earned money & someone (or you) bought an item on your store (yourname.site90.com/store).


5. Install WP-PluginsUsed (10 points)

We should be able to see it at yourname.site90.com/plugins-used/


6. Install Wordpress plugin BackupWordpress. (10 points)

Setup by sending backups to your email periodically.


7. Create the most beautiful folio site using the WordPress theme WP Coda (40 points)

Get it here



Customize this image to reflect your website name



Change this



nav to reflect :

1. Change image text to "Download" "Click here to download"

Then link to your Wordpress plugin download.

2. Change image text to "Store" "Buy my stuff"

Then link to your Store yourname.site90.com/store

3. Change image text to "Blog" "I blog here"

Then link to your WordPress.com blog.


Change the lower navigation links to :

About Me   Lifestream   Works   Readings   Links   Hire Me


About Me (short 200 word bio)


Lifestream (embed your Yahoo Pipes item #2 above)


Works (Links to all your works this term)

All your previous exercises.

All your javascript exercises.






/php (all php exercises)

/themeswitcher (javascript based)



Links to all your reaction blogs, book review, readings, etc.


getting real

cathedral and the bazaar

Vertsol blogs



-a link list. show some link love to everyone, can be your blog roll. can be links to all other subjects and cool people like yours truly :)


Hire Me

Your contact information



+ grade for those with a domain name (5 points)

+ Google Apps (10 points)

+ Your own WordPress plugin (Bob Ong quotes or whatever) published in the www.wordpress.org/extend/plugins (10 points)


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